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The instructor:

  • Cuts from cardboard five triangles of the approximate measurements noted in the picture and labels them as indicated.
  • Holds up Model A and asks a child to name the type of triangle.
  • Repeats for Models C, E, G, and I.
  • Continues to drill on the shapes while holding each triangle various ways.
  • Tells children that Model E is an equilateral triangle. "Equi" means equal and "lateral" means side, hence an "equilateral triangle" is an acute triangle with equal sides.

The instructor holds up Model A and asks children:

  • To draw it.
  • To turn it into the cabin B.

The instructor repeats the process for:

  • Model C and cabin D.
  • Model E and cabin F.
  • Model G and wigwam H.
  • Model I and a cabin.