Third Year Drawing by D. R. Augsburg Third Year Drawing by D. R. Augsburg    

Lesson 19: Geography Drawings (Direction)

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The instructor reads to children:

  • The surface of the earth is a series of directions, of vertical, horizontal, oblique, and curved directions, taking the form of plains, hills, mountains, valleys, slopes, and the various forms of water.
  • The objects on the surface of the ground such as trees, houses, boats, etc., should be made small — very small as compared with the surface of the ground. A large tree by comparison would suggest a small valley, and a small tree a large valley.
  • A tree or house suggests land; a boat or fish, water; a bridge, a stream, etc. Use these objects to suggest the various forms of land and water.

Children complete the following drill work on geography drawings:

  1. Represent a plain.
  2. Represent a water plain.
  3. Represent a slope.
  4. Represent a bluff.
  5. Represent a mountain.
  6. Represent a hill.
  7. Represent an island.
  8. Represent a lake.
  9. Represent a bay.
  10. Represent a point.
  11. Draw a mountain from memory.
  12. Draw the valley from memory.