lesson image

The instructor reviews the following new terms with children and points out each example in the top image:

  • Horizontal: A straight line running from left to right across the page.
  • Vertical: A straight line running up and down the page.
  • Oblique: A slanting line between the horizontal and the vertical.
  • Inward: A line curving towards the inside.
  • Outward: A line bulging towards the outside.

Children complete the following drill work on types of surfaces:

  1. Draw the horizontal surface A.
  2. Draw the horizontal surface F.
  3. Draw the oblique surface B.
  4. Draw the outward curved surface C.
  5. Draw the inward curved surface D.
  6. Draw the vertical surface E.
  7. Draw the oblique surface B from memory.
  8. Draw a tree on a horizontal surface.
  9. Draw a tree on an oblique surface.
  10. Draw a tree resting on an inward curved surface.
  11. Draw a tree resting on an outward curved surface.