Third Year Drawing by D. R. Augsburg Third Year Drawing by D. R. Augsburg    

Lesson 17: Emphasized Lines (Direction)

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The instructor reviews the following new terms with children and points out each example in the top image:

  • Unaccented Line: A continuous line of uniform thickness - light, medium, and heavy.
  • Graded Line: A line varying in thickness, from light to heavy or heavy to light.
  • Emphasized Line: A main line emphasized with additional, shorter, parallels lines.
  • Broken Line: A non-continuous line used to indicate a broken surface, such as rough ground or the bark of tree trunks.

Children complete the following drill work, using emphasized lines (add additional lines for emphasis):

  1. Draw the mug A using emphasized lines.
  2. Draw the carrying hook B.
  3. Draw the baseball C.
  4. Draw the candle and candlestick D.
  5. Draw the log cabin E, using emphasized lines for the logs and trees.
  6. Draw the mug on the blackboard from memory.
  7. Without looking at the picture, draw the baseball from memory.

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