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Instructions: Read the poem below. Look at the lesson picture. Is it spring, summer, fall, or winter? Would you like to go swimming in the stream? The picture shows a scene of mostly browns, grays, and white. What is white in the picture? What is brown in the picture? What is gray in the picture? Can you see the little yellow house tucked in the background? Is the land around the stream hilly or flat? Sketch your own winter scene in pencil.

World, you are always beautifully dressed!

In spring, you don a black blouse splashed with pale greens and pinks and purples.

In summer, you nap under a bejeweled crown of blues, yellows, and deep greens.

On rainy days, you huddle under a gray shawl of mist and fog.

In fall, you swirl in a gypsy skirt of oranges, reds, and browns.

Now in winter, you snuggle under a soft white robe of snow.

(Poem adapted by UTH)