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Instructions: Read the poem below. What happened to Red and Grandma?

Look at the wolf in the painting "Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf in the Forest" by Carl Larsson. First, mix red and yellow paint to make orange paint. Then mix in a little blue to make brown paint. Use the brown paint to paint the shaggy brown fur of a wolf.

Little Red's mom,

Was far from calm,

Because Red's dear grandma was ill.

Mom said, "take grandma a cake,

"But be wary a fake,

For the woods brim with treacherous creatures."

"Please don't fret," said Red,

"I have a good head",

"And my red hood will shield it from danger."

But Red was distracted,

By a bad wolf who acted,

Like the smarmiest, charmiest fellow in the world.

When Red mentioned weak grandma,

The wolf's maw dripped saliva,

For he had naught to eat for a week.

He said goodbye to the girl,

And took off in a whirl,

And he dashed through the woods to grandma's.

Quiet as a dormouse,

He stole in the small house,

And ate grandma in a single gulp.

Hearing Red outside,

He hurried to hide,

Dressing like grandma and hopping in bed.

Into the house, Red quietly trod,

But when she saw grandma, she thought it was odd,

That grandma had big eyes, nose, and teeth.

When she made a remark,

Fake grandma did bark,

"The better to eat you with!"

The wolf ate poor Red,

That’s all would’ve been said,

Had a hunter not come to their rescue.

He defeated the brute,

Red and grandma shed the fur suit,

And all but the wolf lived happily after.

(Poem by UTH)

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