Second Year Drawing by D. R. Augsburg Second Year Drawing by D. R. Augsburg    

Lesson 36: The Bear and Deer (Color Drawing)

lesson image

For the remaining lessons provide children with "the standard colors," which are red, yellow, blue (primary colors), orange, green, violet (secondary colors), brown, and black. Continue practicing drawing a margin line around your works this week.

A and B are the opposite in treatment. A has a dark sky and light foreground and represents a snow scene. B has a light sky and a dark foreground and represents a summer scene.

Children complete the following drill work - recreate the lesson image using the described colors:

  1. Image A - Black. Color A entirely with black.
  2. Image A - Blue and Orange. Color A with blue. In the tree trunks and bear, add touches of orange.
  3. Image B - Black. Color B entirely with black.
  4. Image B - Blue and Orange. Place a wash of blue over the sky and a wash of orange over the foreground and trees. Finish the trees with blue. Color the deer with blue and orange.
  5. Image B - Yellow and Violet. Color the sky with a strong wash of yellow. Color the foreground, trees, and deer with a strong wash of violet. Add the details with violet and yellow.