Second Year Drawing by D. R. Augsburg Second Year Drawing by D. R. Augsburg    

Lesson 19: Sitting (Direction, Action, and Rhythm)

lesson image

Instructors remind children there are five general groups of actions.

  • Running group
  • Standing group
  • Walking group
  • Reclining group
  • Sitting group

Instructors show children the drawings of the sitting figures in the first image, noting how horizontal and vertical lines predominate, and follow the listed steps.

  1. Instructors demonstrate sketching one of the sitting figures.
  2. Children copy the sitting figure until they have perfected it.
  3. Children repeat the process for each sitting figure.
  4. A and B - Colonial Boys Sitting
  5. C and D - Kids Sitting on Stools
  6. E - Sitting Conductor Kid
  7. F - Sitting Kid Wearing a Tam O' Shanter and Holding a Ball
  8. G - Sitting Kid Wearing a Conical Hat

Children use their imagination to draw the following:

  1. Sitting Kid Playing a Piano
  2. Sitting Kid Playing a Board Game
  3. Sitting Kid Playing on a Computer
  4. Sitting Kid Rowing a Boat
  5. Sitting Kid Reading a Book
  6. Sitting Kid Paddling a Canoe