Instructions: Practice drawing waveforms. Waveforms are lines that undulate back and forth, often in a repeated pattern.

Materials: Drawing paper and drawing implements such as pencils, fine-tipped pens or markers, or charcoal.

Keywords: Line, waveform

Step 1: Draw a sine waveform as shown below.
Step 2: Draw a square waveform as shown below.
Step 3: Draw a triangle waveform as shown below. This is shape is also called a 'zigzag.'
Step 4: Draw a sawtooth waveform as shown below.
Step 5: With a fresh piece of paper, draw anything you wish, but incorporate at least one waveform type into your artwork. Use glue, scissors, colored paper, markers, paint, or anything else you desire to create your artwork.

See below 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa' by Japanese artist Hokusai. It features a large wave threatening men in boats. Note that from the breaking crest of the larger wave, many smaller waves are spawned. The small waves look like claws clutching at the men in the boats. In the distance, Japan's Mount Fuji sits on the horizon, serene and ambivalent to the fates of the men.

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