Instructions: Practice drawing grids. Grids are two sets of parallel lines, overlapped to form squares.

Materials: Ruler, drawing paper, drawing implements such as pencils, fine-tipped pens or markers, or charcoal.

Keywords: Line, straight, parallel

Step 1: Draw a set of horizontal parallel lines with a ruler. You may wish to make the spaces between the lines the same width as the ruler.
Step 2: Draw a second set of vertical parallel lines over the horizontal lines.
Which shapes does this make? Do you see the big square? Do you see the other sizes of squares? Do you see the rectangles? Can you make an “L” shape? Can you make a “T” shape?
Step 3: Scientists use graph paper to plot points and create line graphs. Let's create a line graph, like a scientist. Add several dots at the intersection of two lines, as shown below.
Step 4: Connect the lines. You may wish to use a new color to make the lines stand out.
Step 5: With a fresh piece of paper, draw anything you wish, but incorporate at least one grid into your artwork. Use glue, scissors, colored paper, markers, paint, or anything else you desire to create your artwork.

See below a painting featuring overlapping grids by artist Piet Mondrian, entitled 'Lozenge with Grey Lines.' Can you identify the lines that are parallel? Can you identify the lines that are not parallel? Can you identify the overlaid grids?

story image