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Lesson 33: Sculpting a Triangular Pyramid

Instructions: Use modeling clay or Play-Doh to sculpt a triangular pyramid. A triangular pyramid is a three-dimensional form with a triangular base that narrows to a point at the top.

Materials: Modeling clay

Keywords: Triangular pyramid, triangular, pyramid, cross-section, three-dimensional

Step 1: Roll the clay into a long, straight, thick roll of equal thickness, like you are making a large snake.

Step 2: Shape or slice off the sides flat to give it three rectangular sides and a triangular cross-section.

Step 3: Working the clay with your hands, narrow one end to a point while maintaining the flat sides.

Step 4: Slice off the other wider end flat with a butter knife or a thread.

Step 5: See below what your triangular pyramid might look like.

See below the sculpture 'Adelaide Festival Centre Triangles' by artist Bert Flugelman. How many triangular pyramids make up the sculpture? Note how the triangular pyramids alternate their orientations.

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