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Lesson 31: Sculpting a Cone

Instructions: Use modeling clay or Play-Doh to sculpt a cone. A cone is a three-dimensional form with a circular base that narrows to a point at the top.

Materials: Modeling clay

Keywords: Cone, circular, cross-section, three-dimensional

Step 1: Roll the clay into a long, straight, thick roll of equal thickness, like you are making a large snake.

Step 2: Roll one end to a point.

Step 3: Slice off the other wider end flat with a butter knife or a thread.

Step 4: See below what your cylinder might look like.

See below the sculpture 'Blumen des Universums' by artist Gerhard Jürgen Blum-Kwiatkowski at a roundabout in Hünfeld (Germany). How many cones make up the sculpture?

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