Instructions: Practice drawing octagons. Octagons are shapes of eight straight lines meeting at eight points.

Materials: Ruler, drawing paper, drawing implements such as pencils, fine-tipped pens or markers, or charcoal.

Keywords: Octagon

Step 1: Draw an octagon as shown below. Use a ruler if desired.
Step 2: Add more octagons to your drawing, however as you wish.
Step 3: With a fresh piece of paper, draw anything you wish, but incorporate at least one octagon into your artwork. Use glue, scissors, colored paper, markers, paint, or anything else you desire to create your artwork.

Examine the image below and find an octagon. What other types of lines and shapes do you see in the picture? Does this shape remind you of any animals with eight legs or tentacles? What about something that shines in the sky?

story image