Instructions: Practice drawing squares. Squares consist of four straight lines of equal length meeting at right angles. A square is a special rectangle, where all four sides are equal.

Materials: Ruler, drawing paper, drawing implements such as pencils, fine-tipped pens or markers, or charcoal.

Keywords: Squares, equal

Step 1: Draw a square as shown below. Use a ruler if desired.
Step 2: Add more squares to your drawing, however as you wish.
Step 3: With a fresh piece of paper, draw anything you wish, but incorporate at least one square into your artwork. Use glue, scissors, colored paper, markers, paint, or anything else you desire to create your artwork.

See below the painting 'Black Square and Red Square' by Kazimir Malevich. Why do you think the red square is tipped off-kilter with respect to the overall painting and the black square?

story image