1. A dreary place would be this earth,

Were there no little people in it;

The song of life would lose its mirth,

Were there no children to begin it;

2. No little forms, like buds to grow,

And make the admiring heart surrender;

No little hands on breast and brow,

To keep the thrilling love chords tender.

3. The sterner souls would grow more stern,

Unfeeling nature more inhuman,

And man to utter coldness turn,

And woman would be less than woman.

4. Life's song, indeed, would lose its charm,

Were there no babies to begin it;

A doleful place this world would be,

Were there no little people in it.

John G. Whittier.


1. Dreary: Cheerless.

2. Surrender: Give up, yield.

2. Love Chords: Ties of affection.

3. Stern: Severe, harsh.

3. Utter: Complete.

4. Doleful: Gloomy, sad.

Teaching Guide:

Step 1: Study the New Words

  • Listen to the new words.
  • Recite each of the new words aloud.

Step 2: Examine the Lesson Image

Describe the image, its setting, and its characters.

Step 3: Read the Lesson Passage

  • Find each new word in the passage.
  • Practice reading the passage, both silently and aloud.
  • Upon mastering the passage, recite it aloud to your instructor.

Step 4: Complete Lesson Vocabulary, Narration, and Copywork

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