1. 'Sit still, children. Do not move about in the boat,' said Mr. Rose to the young folks he was taking for a trip on the water.

2. The boat was a large one, and could not easily be upset. There were in it Mr. and Mrs. Rose, the boatman, and several little boys and girls.

3. 'Keep still, please, young gentlemen,' said the boatman, when Edgar Rose and Thomas Read began to move from one side to the other.

4. They kept quiet for a short time only. Edgar soon wanted a stick which Thomas held in his hand. He lost his balance in trying to get the stick, and fell into the water.

5. Mr. and Mrs. Rose both started up, and stretched out their arms to save him; but in so doing, they upset the boat.

6. Every one fell into the water, and all were in the greatest danger of being drowned.

7. Another boat was near, with but one man in it. He hastened to them as quickly as possible, and saved them from drowning.

8. Children should always be careful and quiet when they are in a boat on the water, and should obey what older people tell them.

Teaching Guide:

Step 1: Study the New Words

  • Listen to the new words.
  • Recite each of the new words aloud.

Step 2: Examine the Lesson Image

Describe the image, its setting, and its characters.

Step 3: Read the Lesson Passage

  • Find each new word in the passage.
  • Practice reading the passage, both silently and aloud.
  • Upon mastering the passage, recite it aloud to your instructor.

Step 4: Complete Lesson Copywork, Narration, and Dictation

Complete the associated copywork, narration, and dictation for this lesson. Click the icon to access the page.   

Step 5: Discuss the Lesson

  • Describe what happened in the story when the children did not listen to Mr. and Mrs. Rose.
  • Should children always obey what older people tell them?