1. Why do you come to my apple tree,

Little bird so gray?

Twit-twit, twit-twit, twit-twit-twee!

That was all he would say.

2. Why do you lock your rosy feet

So closely round the spray?

Twit-twit, twit-twit, twit-tweet!

That was all he would say.

3. Why on the topmost bough do you get,

Little bird so gray?

Twit-twit-twee! twit-twit-twit!

That was all he would say.

4. Where is your mate? come, answer me,

Little bird so gray.

Twit-twit-twit! twit-twit-twee!

That was all he would say.

Teaching Guide:

Step 1: Study the New Words

  • Listen to the new words.
  • Recite each of the new words aloud.

Step 2: Examine the Lesson Image

Describe the image, its setting, and its characters.

Step 3: Read the Lesson Passage

  • Find each new word in the passage.
  • Practice reading the passage, both silently and aloud.
  • Upon mastering the passage, recite it aloud to your instructor.

Step 4: Complete Lesson Copywork, Narration, and Dictation

Complete the associated copywork, narration, and dictation for this lesson. Click the icon to access the page.   

Step 5: Discuss the Lesson

  • Do you ever try to speak to birds, wildlife, or pets? What do you say to them?
  • Do you think animals understand us when we speak to them?