Teaching Guide:

Step 1: Review Previous Lesson

Show the previous lesson's picture.

Show the previous lesson.

Ask children to repeat each sound, word, phrase, and sentence from the previous lesson.

Display the previous lesson's letters, words, phrases, and sentences.

Ensure children can readily identify the right letters, words, phrases, and sentences from the previous lesson when verbally prompted.

Step 2: Teach Letter Sounds

Display one of the letters.

  • Point to the letter, make the letter sound, and ask children to repeat the sound.
  • Repeat the process for each letter.

Display all lesson letters.

  • Make a letter sound and ask children to point to the associated letter.
  • Repeat until all letters are mastered.

Step 3: Teach New Words

Show the lesson picture.

  • Ask: What do you see in the picture?
  • Have each child tell a story about the picture.

Repeat the following for each word or phrase:

  • Write one of the words/phrases on the board.
  • Have children say the item.
  • Have children find the item in the lesson.

Display all words and phrases.

  • Practice until each child can readily point to each word/phrase when asked.

Step 4: Teach New Sentences

Display a full sentence from the lesson.

  • Have children repeat the sentence.
  • Have children find the sentence in the lesson.
  • Repeat for each sentence.

Display the lesson.

  • Ensure children can readily point to any sentence when verbally prompted.

Step 5: Complete Lesson Copywork

Have children complete the associated McGuffey copywork for this lesson. Click an icon to the right to access the page.   

Step 6: Independent Reinforcement

  • Later in the day, have children independently review the lesson.
  • Children should click the links to hear the letter sounds, words, and sentences pronounced and then repeat them aloud.
  • Repeat these steps every day until children have mastered the lesson and are ready to progress to the next lesson.