Teaching Guide:

A Note About Review Lessons

Every fifth lesson is a review of the four previous lessons.

Consider review lessons the most important in the book. They serve as an assessment or 'test' of student knowledge. Students should be able to complete review lessons easily.

Hesitation on the part of the children on a review lesson shows a fault somewhere; either the work has been pushed too rapidly, or some one lesson, perhaps, has not been thoroughly mastered.

Lesson Note: Question Mark '?'

This lesson introduces the question mark, '?', the sign indicating a question.

Explain to children that the question mark indicates a question is being asked, that the speaker is asking for an answer from someone else.

For instance, ask children which sentences would you more likely use a question mark with:

  • 'I like apples'
  • 'How old are you'
  • 'What is your name'
  • 'I pet the dog'

Step 1: Review the Four Previous Lessons

Display a single sentence from the lesson.

  • Say the sentence and have children repeat the sentence.
  • Repeat the process for each sentence.

Display the full text of the lesson.

  • Ensure children can readily point to any sentence when verbally prompted.

Step 2: Complete Lesson Copywork

Have children complete the associated McGuffey tracework or copywork for this lesson. Click an icon to the right to access the page.     

Step 3: Independent Reinforcement

  • Later in the day, have children independently review the lesson.
  • Children should click the links to hear the letter sounds, words, and sentences pronounced and then repeat them aloud.