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Lesson 24: Winter's Turning

by Amy Lowell

Performer: Librivox - Ian King

Snow is still on the ground,

But there is a golden brightness in the air.

Across the river,



Sweeping widely under the arches

Of many bridges,

Is a spire and a dome,

Clear as though ringed with ice-flakes,

Golden, and pink, and jocund.

On a near-by steeple,

A golden weather-cock flashes smartly,

His open beak "Cock-a-doodle-dooing"

Straight at the ear of Heaven.

A tall apartment house,


Thrusts up from the street

Like a new-sprung flower.

Another street is edged and patterned

With the bloom of bricks,

Houses and houses of rose-red bricks,

Every window a-glitter.

The city is a parterre,

Blowing and glowing,

Alight with the wind,

Washed over with gold and mercury.

Let us throw up our hats,

For we are past the age of balls

And have none handy.

Let us take hold of hands,

And race along the sidewalks,

And dodge the traffic in crowded streets.

Let us whir with the golden spoke-wheels

Of the sun.

For tomorrow Winter drops into the waste-basket,

And the calendar calls it March.

    Advancing in Poetry Advancing in Poetry    

Lesson 24: Winter's Turning

by Amy Lowell

Performer: Librivox - Ian King


Study the poem for one week.

Over the week:

  • Read or listen to the poem.
  • Review the synopsis.
  • Read about the poet.
  • Complete the enrichment activities.


In Amy Lowell's 'Winter's Turning,' she describes the signs of the end of winter spotted in a panoramic view of a city.


  1. Amy Lowell was born in 1874 in Brookline, Massachusetts.
  2. Zoom in and find Lowell's state of birth, Massachusetts (MA), on the map of the United States.
  3. Lowell was part of an accomplished family. One of her brothers was an astronomer and the other was the president of Harvard University.
  4. Growing up, Lowell had a difficult time in school and was a social misfit.
  5. Lowell's family didn't believe women should attend college, so she was not college educated.
  6. Lowell's poems won her the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry after her death.
  7. Lowell died of a cerebral hemorrhage in Brookline, Massachusetts at the age of 51.


Activity 1: Recite Poem Information

Recite the title of the poem and the name of the poet.

Activity 2: Study the Poem Picture

Study the poem picture and describe how it relates to the poem.

Activity 3: Recite the Poem

Practice reciting the poem aloud.

Activity 4: Complete Book Activities   

  • Click the crayon above, and complete pages 151-156 of 'Elementary Poetry 4: Advancing in Poetry.'


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