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Lesson 72: Wee Robin's Christmas Song (Ear Training)

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Instructions: Read the Mother Goose poem, 'Wee Robin's Christmas Song.' The instructor pronounces the dashed words phonetically and asks children to call out the words.

Wee R-o-b-i-n Redbreast hopped upon a b-u-sh.

An old gray pussy came b-y and said, "Where are you going, Wee Robin?"

Wee Robin said, "I'm going to the king. I shall sing him a song this good Christmas morning."

G-r-ay pussy said, "Come here, Wee Robin, I will show you a bonny ring round my neck."

But Wee Robin said, "No, no, Gray Pussy. No, no, you worried the wee mouse, but you cannot worry me."

S-o Wee Robin flew away.

Then Wee Robin came to the king's castle.

There he saw the king and queen.

"Now I shall sing my Christmas song," said Wee R-o-b-i-n.

So Wee Robin sang his good Christmas song.

Then the king said, "What c-a-n we give Wee Robin for his bonny Christmas song?"

"We can give him Jenny Wren for a w-i-fe," said the queen.

So Wee Robin and Jenny Wren flew away home.