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Lesson 13: The Three Little Pigs (Ear Training)

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Instructions: The instructor reads an excerpt from Treadwell Reader's story, 'The Three Little Pigs.' The instructor pronounces the dashed words phonetically and asks children to call out the words.

The wolf was angry, but he said, "Little pig, I know of a fine apple t-r-ee.

Where is it?" said the pig.

"Down in the garden, " said the wolf. "Will you go with me in the morning?

I will come at five o'clock. Then we can get some a-pp-l-es."

"I will go," said the pig.

This time the little pig got up at four o'clock.

He went to the g-a-r-d-e-n, and filled his bag with apples.

He was getting down, when he saw the wolf.

The wolf was very angry, but he said, "Little pig, are the apples good?"

"Very good," said the little pig. "L-e-t me throw you some."

The pig threw the a-pp-l-es far away.

The wolf r-a-n to get them.

Then the little pig ran home.