Word Mastery by Florence Akin Word Mastery by Florence Akin    

Lesson 1: Phonics Game (Ear Training)

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Instructions: Cover as few or as many lessons as you wish per day. Progress upon lesson mastery by children. Ideally, hold two sessions of approximately 10 minutes each per day. At first indication of weariness or inattention, stop the lesson.

A Note about Sequencing and Integration with Kindergarten Reading Instruction: Instructors may wish to begin study of McGuffey's Eclectic Primer after children have completed lessons 1-109 in the phonics curriculum and mastered the sounds of all letters in the alphabet. Note how phonics lesson 110 matches nicely with McGuffey's Eclectic Primer lessons 1-5.

The instructor says a series of sentences with words pronounced phonetically to arouse children's interest. Children should stand to complete the actions and call out the words.

Say, "Point at something r-e-d," speaking the letter sounds of last word very slowly (phonetically).

Say, "Touch your h-ea-d."

Say, "C-l-a-p your hands."

Say, "Raise your a-r-m-s."

Say, "J-u-m-p on one foot."

Say, "H-o-p like a bunny."

Say, "Do five jumping j-a-ck-s."