Familiar surface features include:

1. Hill: A gently sloping, raised area of land.
2. Plain: A relatively flat or level area of land.
3. Mountain: A very high, steep, and often rocky hill.
4. Valley: A low area of land between higher lands such as hills or mountains.
5. River: A stream of water flowing to join another body of water, such as an ocean.
6. Ocean: A large body of saline water.
7. Island: A small area of land surrounded by water.
8. Peninsula: Land almost almost surrounded by water but still attached to the mainland.
You may have noticed that some of the fields in the park or in the country are nearly flat. Other fields lie on slopes or hills. We call the flat part of the land a plain, whether it is in the city or in the country. The sloping part of the land forms a hill. Have we mostly hills or plains in the streets of your city?

Notebook Work: Draw and label small pictures of a river, an ocean, an island, and a peninsula.