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There are many ways of carrying people and products other than ships and railroads. These are some of the ways:

1. On the backs of animals, as horses, camels, elephants

2. In wheelbarrows

3. In wagons

4. In automobiles

5. In trolley cars

6. In railroad trains

7. On boats, or ships

8. In sleighs

9. On bicycles

10. On airplanes

In which of these ways have you traveled? Can you tell what power is used in each case?

In order to travel safely and quickly we need more than something in which to carry the people and products. We must have good roads, well-built railroads, tunnels through the mountains, and bridges over the rivers. Lighthouses are necessary to warn the vessels of the rocks at night or in the storms.

Notebook Work: Draw a person being transported on the back of the animal of your choice.

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