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Write a list of all the wild animals you remember ever having seen. Where did you see them? How were they prevented from harming people? Where was the natural home of these animals? How did they get their food? How do they now get their food?

Some of these animals so closely resemble the domestic animals that they are said to belong to the same family. Read the names of the animals belonging to the same family and tell in what way they resemble each other.

Notebook Work: Copy the following list of animals in your notebook. Mark domestic animals with a D and wild animals with a W.

THE CAT FAMILY: Cat, Lion, Tiger, Leopard

THE DOG FAMILY: Dog, Fox, Wolf


THE COW FAMILY: Cow, Buffalo

Describe some of these wild animals: Elephant, Fox, Squirrel, Wolf, Bear, Deer

Which domestic or wild animals are useful to us in obtaining food, clothing and shelter?

There are also many fish, birds and insects. Paste in your notebook any pictures of animals.

Take a trip to the Zoological Gardens and see the wild and domestic animals from the last lessons.

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