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Would you like to visit a factory in which some food or clothing is manufactured? Tour a factory in person or tour one online. (Google 'online factory tour' - there are many available.)

Where is the factory in relation to your home?

What is the name of the place we will visit? Notice all of the things made there. Try to remember all of the materials needed at the factory, and find out where these materials come from. Try to remember just how the articles are made.

Find out what will be done with the things that are manufactured.

Notice the number and kinds of machines used. See how many workmen are employed.

Notebook Work: Write or dictate an email or letter in your notebook telling all about your (real or virtual) visit. Mention these points:

1. Where you went

2. What was made

3. How it was made

4. The materials used

5. The machinery

6. The workmen

7. The usefulness of the factory

8. The care and skill of the workmen

9. Anything else interesting about the trip.