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Look at this drawing of a school. It is called a plan or a blueprint. Before any school or church or home is built a plan must be drawn. This is to show the workmen what to do. See how much of the ground is used for the building. Find the garden. What are in the garden? Which is larger, the garden or the playground? What shape is the playground? How many doors are there to the building? In how many ways can you get into the playground?

Notebook Work: Draw in your notebook a plan of your entire property, including the home building and yard, showing the sidewalks, the grass, the trees, the doors, the porches and decks, and any other parts you think of. Show which door you use most.

Children should draw the plan upon paper while the instructor draws it upon a whiteboard or computer for display to the group. Infinite care should be exercised to invest every line with its full meaning. Upon the proper interpretation of this first plan will depend much of the pupil’s future ability to correctly read a map as the representation of a reality.