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We have two kinds of food, vegetable food, which grows from the ground, and animal food. Name some foods of each kind. All plants grow out of the earth or soil. The soil is necessary to produce our animal food also. The meat we eat comes from sheep, cows, chickens and other animals. These animals all live on vegetable food. Without good soil, there would be no grass nor hay. No grass would mean no food for cows and sheep. We see that our food really comes from the soil.

Our clothing, too, is dependent upon the soil. The cotton plant grows up out of the ground. The wool comes from the sheep, which eats grass which grows from the ground.

Even our homes could not be built without products from the earth or soil. Think how much wood is used in the construction of a home. The trees which grow in the soil give us all the wood. Much iron, steel, copper, brass and nickel are used in our homes. Stones and bricks form part of many homes.

All of these things come out of the earth. What a wonderful thing is the soil! Out of it come our food, our clothing and our shelter! In one of your books read the wonderful story of how we obtain a loaf of bread.

Notebook Work: Draw some black soil. Draw plants of any sort you wish growing out of the soil.