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Immigrants travel to America from their homes in other countries, often from distant lands. Some move to take jobs that pay more than they can earn in their home countries. Others move to give their children better education and employment opportunities.

Sometimes those born in America are unkind to our country's immigrants. Is it not even worse to ill-treat a stranger than one who is at home? The color of our skin and hair is not very important. It matters far more whether we are honest, loving, industrious and fair-minded.

Where did your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents live when they were children? Do you know any people who came from distant lands? Where were their first homes?

Today, America is made up of people from many foreign countries. Some are from European countries, such as England, Ireland, Germany, or Italy. Others are from Asia, such as India, China, or Japan. Still others are from Australia, Africa, South America, or other North American countries.

Here they are all living together, people from all over the great wide world. Our homes stand side by side. We work and play together. Truly we are brothers and sisters, for we are all children in the great human family. It matters not from what distant land our people may have come, we should all be bound together like one family by human love and kindness.

Notebook Work: Draw your family and community living and cooperating together.