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After the European settlers made America their home, they again traveled far across the sea to Africa (and to a far lesser extent other places) in search of human slaves. They believed the black inhabitants of African countries were inferior because of their darker skin color and unfamiliar languages and customs.

They stole the African people away from their homes, carried them to their ships, and sailed back to this country. The African people were packed into ships and traveled under horrific conditions (see image right). Many people died during the voyage.

After arrival in America, the captors sold the surviving African people as slaves to others for money.

The slaves had to work terribly hard for their masters under horrible conditions and received no pay for their work. Many of them died directly at the hands of their masters or indirectly due to their dreadful working and living conditions.

Slavery is illegal in America today. We must remember and learn from history to ensure that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past. Fair-minded people will try to be honest, kind, and just to everyone.

Notebook Work: Write or dictate ways you can be honest, kind, and just to everyone.