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Inuits, Native Alaskans, and American Indians of many different tribes lived on the land of the United States of America long before highways, cars, and modern cities existed. Where these many buildings now stand, there was open country, fields, and woods.

Settlers came to this country from Europe, far across the ocean. Conflict arose between the European settlers and the American Indians.

Most of the Europeans who came in those early days did not act in a noble way. When they wanted land on which to build their homes they drove the American Indians away, killing many of them. Thus, these cruelly treated Indians became the enemies of the settlers, and often treated the settlers cruelly in return. Let us remember that the Inuits, Native Alaskans, and American Indians were the first owners of this land.

Notebook Work: Look at the American Indians in the picture below. Find the papoose (term for baby/child). Draw the papoose and the papoose carrier (the board supporting the baby) in your notebook.

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