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Think of the many buildings which you see as you look over the landscape. There are people living in nearly all of those houses. Just think of the many, many people who live here. How many are there? How many people live in your home? How many people live in your town or city?

Unless they are identical twins with identical styling and outfits, all people differ in appearance. Some people are tall, others short. Some people have brown hair, others have black hair, red hair, or blonde hair. Some people have darker skin, and others have lighter skin. Some people have moustaches or beards, others have no facial hair. Some people are young babies, others are children, others are young adults, some are middle aged, and still others are elderly. Some people wear uniforms, some wear suits, and others wear more casual clothing.

Notebook Work: Write or dictate some of the different kinds of people whom you have seen.

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