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When you are up high you can view a large area. First, look for houses. Then notice what lies between you and the houses. See if you can find a park, a large building, or other notable landmark. Look for roads which lead to the houses, buildings, and landmarks. If your view includes your town, notice how far the town stretches and try to see what cuts it off or bounds it.

Next turn and look in the opposite direction. What direction will that be? Find any familiar places. How can you know which are homes, schools, churches or factories? If your view includes your town, see how far the town extends and what cuts off or bounds it on this side.

In what other directions shall we look? Again, we shall notice the familiar and unfamiliar places and the town boundaries.

Was the neighborhood view like you expected? What surprised you? What did we see most of?

Why could you see so much? How could you see even farther?

Notebook Work: After you return home, make a list of all the places you remember seeing. Think of each view separately; north, south, east and west. Tell of anything you saw as you looked in each direction.