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One day you should visit some park. Is there any near your home? Are there any interesting buildings or statuary in the park? Is there any water nearby?

When you visit your town park you should remember that it belongs to you, for a public park belongs to all of the people.

Do you not like to have the things that belong to you as good, as useful and as beautiful as possible?

Do you want your home to look sweet and clean and comfortable, or dirty, careless and unpleasant?

Do you want your clothing to be strong, neat and pretty, or torn and dirty?

We should all take pride in having the things we own just as good as possible. When you are in the street, any public building, or in a park, say to yourself, 'This is mine.' Then look around and see whether you like the way it looks. Think how you can help to keep it looking well or make it look even better.

How can boys and girls help keep the grass, the paths, the playgrounds, the flower-beds, the trees and the buildings beautiful? Where does the money come from to pay the caretakers of the park?

Some people visit the park only in spring, summer or autumn. We all love the park in those seasons. Many do not know how beautiful the bare trees look in winter with their gray or brown branches. There is no more exquisite sight in the world than to see these trees coated with glistening ice out to the tiniest twig, or to see them ridged with pearly white snow. It is a merry sight to see the jolly coasters and skaters.

Notebook Work: Draw some girls and boys helping to keep the grass, the paths, the playgrounds, the flower-beds, and the trees of the park beautiful.

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