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Libraries and museums are also learning environments that teach people.

A library is like a home where many friendly parents live. These friends will talk to you and tell you many useful and wonderful things. Have you ever visited them at the library? Have you ever taken any books home with you? Is there a library near your home?

Museums are full of many interesting objects. You may see beautiful pictures and statuary. Some have collections of pretty stones and of stuffed animals. Curious clothing, jewelry, toys and musical instruments used by people in distant lands are shown too.

In a museum in Portland you may see the dear little clothing worn by the poet Longfellow when he was a tiny baby.

Many books that Washington read are kept in a museum near the city of Washington.

Have you ever visited a museum in a city? What did you see there? If you can, schedule an outing to the local library or a museum.

Notebook Work: Visit your local library or look at a picture online and sketch the building in your notebook.

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