DIRECTIONS - Point to the following capital cities in the United States.

  • Find St. Paul, capital of Minnesota (MN), on the Mississippi River.
  • Find Lansing, capital of Michigan (MI), on the Grand River.
  • Find Springfield, capital of Illinois (IL), on the Sangamon River.
  • Find Indianapolis, capital of Indiana (IN), on the W. Fork of the White River.
  • Find Madison, capital of Wisconsin (WI), on Fourth Lake.
  • Find Columbus, capital of Ohio (OH), on the Scioto River.
  • Find Pierre, capital of South Dakota (SD), on the Missouri River.
  • Find Des Moines, capital of Iowa (IA), on the Des Moines River.
  • Find Topeka, capital of Kansas (KS), on the Kansas River.
  • Find Jefferson City, capital of Missouri (MO), on the Missouri River.
  • Find Lincoln, capital of Nebraska (NE), on Salt Creek.
  • Find Bismarck, capital of North Dakota (ND), on the Missouri River.

Notebook Work: Label the following on the map of the midwestern United States: Canada, Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, the Mississippi River, St. Paul (Minnesota), Lansing (Michigan), Springfield (Illinois), Indianapolis (Indiana), Madison (Wisconsin), Columbus (Ohio), Pierre (South Dakota), Des Moines (Iowa), Topeka (Kansas), Jefferson City (Missouri), Lincoln (Nebraska), and Bismarck (North Dakota).

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