1. As of 2020, at around 1.4 billion people, China contains around 18% of the population of the globe. China is known for its rich and unique culture, its characteristic architecture, its high population, its distinctive food, its manufacturing, and its Great Wall.
  2. Chinese Factory Workers
  3. The northern part of China is a vast rainless region, the Gobi Desert. In the northeast region of China, there are large fertile tracts of land.
  4. Camel in the Gobi Desert, China
  5. China's surface is high on the west and north, which rich and highly-cultivated plains in the center.
  6. Historically agricultural products included tea, rice, cotton, sugar, grain, and fruits. In the south, olives, oranges, and pineapples were raised, and the mulberry tree was cultivated for the support of the silkworm. Today, China produces grains such as rice, wheat, millet, corn, and barley, vegetables including tomatoes and potatoes, peanuts, tea, and cotton.
  7. Rice Field in China
  8. Historically, China's manufactures comprised silk goods and porcelain ware. Today, China manufactures food products, clothing, toys, luggage, electronics, machinery, furniture, and many more items.
  9. Chinese Porcelain Pot
  10. The climate is colder in winter and warmer in summer than in corresponding latitudes in California and Western Europe. In summer, the heat is intense, with hurricanes, typhoons, and thunderstorms.
  11. The religions of China are those of Buddha, Confucius, and Tao. Buddhism is the most prevalent.
  12. Giant Buddha in Beijing, China
  13. The people are gradually changing their customs, owing to their interactions with Americans and Europeans.
  14. The Great Wall of China on the north was built for protection from their enemies, the Tartars, in the 3rd century, B.C.
  15. The Great Wall of China
  16. Beijing is the capital of China and Shanghai is its largest city. As of 2020, Shanghai has over 27 million people.
  17. View of Beijing, China
  18. The Chinese language is the oldest spoken language in the world. Education in China is encouraged and well-rewarded.


  1. Which countries and bodies of water border China?
  2. What three large rivers flow through China?
  3. What desert is in the northern part of China? Point to its location on the map.
  4. What 'North' and 'South' countries make a peninsula to China's east?
  5. Where is the city of Beijing?
  6. Where is the city of Shanghai?
  7. Where is the city of Guangzhou?
  8. Where is the city of Nanjing?
  9. Between what approximate latitudes and longitudes is China?
  10. The parallel of 30 degrees north latitude, which passes over New Orleans, passes near which Chinese cities?