1. As of 2020, India has around 1.35 billion people, making it the second most populated country on the planet after China. Continuing its growth trajectory will soon see India surpass China as the world's most populous country.
  2. India is renown for its high population, fascinating culture, lively festivals, the Taj Mahal Palace, and Bollywood.
  3. Taj Mahal Palace in India
  4. India is also known for its spicy food which incorporates grains, vegetables, cheeses, and meats.
  5. Delicious Indian Food
  6. India has a hot and wet climate, resulting in a richness of production.
  7. Its surface consists of mountains, plateaus, and lowlands.
  8. In the Himalayas are the sources of the Ganges, Indus, and Brahmaputra.
  9. Village in the Himalayan Foothills
  10. The lowlands are chiefly in the valleys of the Ganges and Indus Rivers.
  11. Indian People Bathing in the Ganges
  12. The rainfall is immense on the western coast and along the Brahmaputra.
  13. The Valley of the Ganges is celebrated for its fertile soil and its ability to support a dense population.
  14. Indian Women in a Tea Field
  15. The trees of India comprise the teak, the coconut, bamboo, banyan, tamarind, and palm.
  16. Teak wood is valuable for shipbuilding. The coconut is useful in many ways. The natives once used its leaves for thatching their houses. The fibers of the coconut can be made into matting, brooms, and baskets. The sap of the coconut is used for drink, and its nut for food.
  17. Chief historical exports are cotton, opium, dyes, drugs, spices, rice, silk, carpets, and shawls. Exports as of 2020 include petroleum, diamonds, medications, jewelry, cars, machinery, metals, and clothing.
  18. Market in India
  19. The wild animals are numerous; they include the elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, lion, bear, tiger, panther, leopard, and monkey. Crocodiles and serpents also abound.
  20. The main religion practiced in India today is Hinduism.
  21. Hindu Temple in India
  22. As of 2020, India has over 1.3 billion people. Only China has a higher population, and India is catching up.
  23. New Delhi, the capital, is a chief commercial city in Asia.


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