1. Switzerland is renown for its delicious chocolate, swiss fondue pots, Rolex watches, and the Swiss Army Knife.
  2. Swiss Fondue Pot
  3. Switzerland is the most mountainous country in Europe. Its highest peaks are covered with perpetual snow.
  4. The scenery of its mountains, glaciers, valleys, lakes, and waterfalls is grand and picturesque.
  5. Swiss Lake and Mountains
  6. The highest peaks are Mt. Rosa and Mt. Cervin, which are about 15,000 feet above the level of the sea. Mt. Blanc, the highest in Europe, is in France.
  7. One well-known peak in Switzerland is the Matterhorn.
  8. The Iconic Matterhorn in Switzerland
  9. The climate is subject to great extremes of heat and cold.
  10. The Swiss were historically employed chiefly in dairy-farming and manufacturing. Cows, goats, and sheep constituted the wealth of the peasantry.
  11. Goats in the Swiss Alps
  12. The manufactures consist chiefly of watches, jewelry, silk and cotton goods, and carved wood.
  13. Switzerland is a republic composed of cantons or states.
  14. The language spoken in the central and northeastern cantons is German; in the western, French; and in the southern, Italian.


  1. At the beginning of the Christian era, the inhabitants of Switzerland, the Helvetians, were subdued by the Romans, and in the 6th century by the Franks.
  2. The name Switzerland is derived from that of the canton Schwytz, because its inhabitants distinguished themselves in securing the freedom of the country from Austria (14th century).

  3. The confederation then comprised but three states, now in the central part of the Republic.
  4. Switzerland is famous for its neutrality. The last time Switzerland was in a war was 500 years ago. It was not invaded during World War I or II and remained neutral.


  1. Which countries border Switzerland? (Don't forget tiny Liechtenstein!)
  2. Find and name aloud the two labeled Swiss lakes on the map.
  3. What two rivers are marked on the map of Switzerland?
  4. Geneva, the largest city, is celebrated for watches, jewelry, and music-boxes. Where is it?
  5. Bern is the capital. Where is it?
  6. Find Zurich, another large city, on the map.