1. The characteristics of Scotland are its broken coastline, rugged surface, moist climate, and numerous lakes and islands.
  2. Isle of Skye, Scotland
  3. The Highlands cover the northern half, and the Lowlands the southern half of Scotland.
  4. Highlands of Scotland
  5. The Highlands are remarkable for wild and beautiful scenery - lochs, crags, ravines, and ruined castles. The Highlanders were historically shepherds. Ben Nevis is the highest mountain, and Loch Lomond the largest lake, in Great Britain.
  6. Loch Lomand, Scotland
  7. The Lowlands are comparatively level and fertile, and more thickly settled.
  8. The manufactures include cotton, woolen, and silk goods.
  9. The Lowlanders historically were Anglo-Saxons while the Highlanders historically tended to be Celts.
  10. As of 2020, the population of Scotland is 5.5 million.
  11. Edinburgh is a handsome city, and is noted for its institutions of learning.
  12. Edinburgh, Scotland
  13. Glasgow excels every other city in Scotland in population, manufacture, and commerce.
  14. Glasgow, Scotland


  1. The original inhabitants were tribes of shepherds and hunters. Their religion was druidical. The Druids were a learned Celtic group who served in educated roles such as teachers, healers, and priests.
  2. The Lowlands were held by the Romans from A.D. 80 to 446, when the Piets became the rulers. These were overpowered by the Scots from Ireland, whose kings held the country for several centuries.
  3. In the 13th and 14th centuries, England made great efforts to subjugate Scotland, but its independence was secured after a long war, in which Robert Brace distinguished himself.
  4. Scotland and England were united under one crown in 1603.
  5. Christianity was introduced by missionaries from Ireland, in the 6th century.


  1. What meridians run through Scotland?
  2. What parallels run through Scotland?
  3. What large islands are west and northwest of Scotland?
  4. Where is Edinburgh?
  5. Where is Glasgow?
  6. Where is Inverness?
  7. Where is Perth?
  8. Where is Aberdeen?
  9. Which labeled city is farthest north?
  10. Which labeled city is closest to the border with England?