1. The northern half of Europe is mostly level. Its southern half mountainous.
  2. Its principal mountains are the Alps, Pyrenees, Carpathians, and the Dovrefield and Kiolen Mountains of Norway. Point to each on the relief map.
  3. The great plain of Europe extends over the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Belarus, and the northern part of Russia.
  4. The rivers of Russia have their sources in the Ural Mountains and the Valdai Hills: those of Sweden in the Dovrefield and Kiolen Mountains, while the largest rivers of the southwestern half of Europe rise in the Alps or the Carpathian Mountains.
  5. The highest mountain in Europe is Mt. Blanc in Italy, whose summit is perpetually covered with snow. (Height 15810 feet.) Among the other reknown peaks of the Alps are Mt. Rosa, the Junfrau, Mt. Cenis, the Matterhorn, Mr. St. Bernard, and Mt. St. Gothard.
  6. The rivers which are celebrated for the beauty of their scenery are the Rhine, Seine, Loire, and Rhone.
  7. The largest lakes are in Sweden and Western Russia. The most picturesque are in Switzerland, Italy, and Scotland.


  1. The climate of Western Europe is greatly modified by the westerly winds which blow over the warm waters of the Gulf Stream.
  2. The heat of Southern Europe is sometimes greatly increased by the hot winds from Africa.
  3. In the warm countries of the south, the winters are short, frost and snow are rare, and among their products are grapes, oranges, lemons, figs, citrons, and olives.
  4. Central Europe has a temperate climate, with cold winters. It produces wheat in abundance.

Historical Map of Europe

Find the following on the map of Europe.

  1. Mountains
    • The Alps
    • Urals
    • Apennines
    • Pyrenees
    • Carpathian
    • Balkan
    • Caucasus
    • Scandinavian

  2. Rivers
    • Volga
    • Danube
    • Seine
    • Rhone
    • Rhine
    • Po

  3. Seas
    • North
    • Baltic
    • White
    • Irish
    • Caspian
    • Black
    • Adriatic
    • Mediterranean

  4. Straits
    • Gibraltar
    • Dover
    • English Channel
    • Bosporus
    • Dardanelles

  5. Cities
    • London
    • Paris
    • Constantinople (Istanbul)
    • Vienna
    • Berlin
    • Madrid
    • Lisbon
    • Dublin
    • St. Petersburg
    • Brussels
    • Rome
    • Edinburgh
    • Copenhagen
    • Florence
    • Stockholm