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Zero in on Your Local Region

Conduct online research to answer the questions below. Use your research results to compose a one-page essay on page 15 of the notebook pages.

RESEARCH YOUR LOCAL REGION (e.g. State, Province, etc.)

  1. What can you say of its size?
  2. Shape?
  3. Surface?
  4. Productions?
  5. Manufacturing?
  6. Rivers?
  7. Principal cities?
  8. History?
  9. In what zones (e.g. frigid, torrid)?
  10. Mention its capes—inlets—bays-coasts-lakes—principal rivers.
  11. What can you say of its mountains, surface, climates, rain, dry regions, frozen regions?
  12. What can you say of its agricultural products, mining, and fisheries?
  13. Which area is best adapted to commerce? Why?
  14. Mention its largest cities. Which are noted for commerce? Manufacturing?
  15. What can you say of the people of your state compared to the different regions of your country—their habits, dress, language, and occupations?
  16. What you can say of the local government and history?
  17. What animals are in your state?
  18. What are some differences between the climate and crops of your state and the other regions of the United States?
  19. Does your state have mountains? Foothills? Highlands? Plains? Valleys? Beaches? Swamps? How does it compare to other regions in your country?